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FiberWizards certifications validate professionals' real-world skills in fiber optics, assessed by industry practitioner experts. We offer tailored certification prep courses to ensure participants master essential knowledge and skills, exceeding industry standards and developing technical leadership skills to enhance organizational performance.

FiberWizards Certification Programs

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FWE Apprentice.png

The FiberWizards - Apprentice badge acknowledges leadership in fiber optics through successful completion of the comprehensive, virtual instructor-guided Intro to Fiber Optics course. Led by expert Fiber Optic Master Instructors, this course adheres to international industry standards, covering essential theory and practical knowledge.

FWE Certified Associate.png

The FiberWizards - Certified Associate badge certifies completion of a fiber optics fundamentals course, demonstrating proficiency in safety practices, cable preparation, termination, splicing, insertion loss, and OTDR testing. Proficiency is validated through an online test and practical skills assessment.

FWE Applied Fiber Optic Splicing.png

The FiberWizards - Applied Fiber Optic Splicing badge certifies practical proficiency in OSP-oriented fiber optic splicing. Holders complete intensive 24-hour hands-on training, demonstrating expertise in cable preparation, closure installation, splicing techniques, sealing, and storage. Proficiency is validated through practical assessments.

FW Certified FiberWizard.png

The Certified FiberWizard badge certifies advanced technical leadership in fiber optic installation, splicing, and testing for ISP and OSP environments. Holders complete rigorous 54-hour hybrid training, demonstrating proficiency in practical skills across diverse methods and equipment essential for real-world applications.

FWE Applied Fiber Optic Testing.png

The FiberWizards - Applied Fiber Optic Testing badge certifies practical proficiency in fiber optic testing and troubleshooting. Holders complete intensive 16-hour hands-on training, demonstrating skills in connector inspection, fiber ID and testing using VFL, OLTS, and OTDR. Proficiency is validated through practical skills assessments.

FW Instructor.png

The FiberWizards Instructor Badge is awarded to telecom professionals with over 5 years of industry experience and 4+ years in leadership, excelling in peer training and team building. They exhibit strong leadership, communication skills, and actively contribute to the community through course delivery, content creation, and knowledge-sharing.

All Prep Courses are Customized and Group-Only

Fiber Optic Association (FOA) Certification

As an FOA Approved School (#395), FiberWizards provides prep courses and testing for the industry-renowned Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT) certification.

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"Fiber U - Basic Fiber Optics" Online Course Completion required as prerequisite.

All Prep Courses are Customized and Group-Only

What Our Clients Say

2024 MAR Cable Prep.png

Dave Burchette, Manager Network Field Services, C Spire

"The FiberWizards training was a great class! I truly enjoyed the class and got a great deal of knowledge out of it. Fiber is not the “mystery” it was once before. Jerry “de-mystified” fiber for me! Thanks!"
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