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Embrace Modern Learning Strategies in Fiber Optic Training! 🚀

💣 Many #fiberoptic #workforcedevelopment programs today prioritize the needs of big companies over the needs of the #workers!

When it comes to #fiberoptictraining, for a trade that primarily occurs at continuously changing job and customer sites, and considering the abundance of modern educational technology available, defending the restriction to traditional classrooms is hard to justify!

Building solid #knowledge and #skills demands dedication and time! 🏹

While conquering the learning curve is a challenge in itself, the forgetting curve can quickly erode training gains if knowledge isn't promptly applied, reinforced, and continuously developed!

One of the best tools for conquering the forgetting curve is called:

"Structured On-The-Job Training"💡

The "structured" part implies a well-designed and measurable approach that ensures manageability and supports achievement of desired outcomes!


A "Structured On-The-Job Training” approach not only allows for planning, tracking progress, and gauging effectiveness, but it is also one of the most effective ways to "contextualize, personalize, and increase the relevance" of the learning experience!💥

Modern learning management systems also enable remote coaching and mentoring 💎, which are much more effective when they happen over longer periods of time than in time-limited classroom sessions.

Structured on-the-job training options, mediated through modern EdTech can be not only more effective but also more flexible and affordable than traditional classroom training!

Break free from status quo and embrace options that work best for YOUR teams!

Contact us for high-quality, tailored, flexible, and affordable fiber optic and workforce development #training options!💡

FiberWizards is FOA approved school 395 and authorized by The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. (FOA) to issue US Department of Labor recognized trade certifications in fiber optics!

Let’s create more FiberWizards 🚀

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