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Getting into next-gen fiber optic splicing? 💡

When asked about the myriad of tools and solutions offered these days for ribbon splicing, I always opt for #simplicity and efficiency. However, efficient ribbon splicing begins with selecting the right cable design 💡

If you're dealing with a less-than-ideal scenario of cables already in place, then do your homework, and consult colleagues or project managers, if needed, before proceeding. Plan for the unexpected 👀 and ensure that your toolbox is complete for a smooth execution of the work while out there! 💪

OPTIX America WRX-12R Ribbon Splicer - FiberWizards Training

Some other basic stuff to remember:

- Fiber Pitch: It's the spacing between fiber cores when arranged side by side or in parallel.

- Traditional vs. Next-gen Designs: Traditional ribbons have flat matrices of encapsulated fibers with a 250μm pitch. Next-gen designs increasingly use collapsible or rollable fiber matrices, often with coating diameters ≤ 200μm for flexibility and density that might require different holders for pitch matching.

- Splicing Challenges: Different ribbon arrangements can make the splicing work problematic for less skilled technicians.

- Plan ahead: Know the cable and ribbon types involved. Take pitch converting fiber holders when needed, or even better, keep all the ones you might need in your toolbox.

- Equipment and Cleanliness: Optimal results will highly depend on equipment cleanliness and high-quality tools.

- Use The Force: Ribbon splicers lack automatic alignment so finesse and intuition are crucial during positioning of the fibers in the splicer.

- Training: Opt for quality skills-building focused training from experts, rather than "heavy on PowerPoint, light on hands-on" cramming sessions.

For next-gen, immersive, and realistic training contact FiberWizards 🚀

In the meantime, below is a recommended video on ribbon splicing by AFL worth checking out!

We are FOA's School 395, approved by The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. (FOA) to offer US Department of Labor recognized certification in #fiberoptics that can facilitate compliance with #IIJA, #BEAD, and other #workforcedevelopment programs!

Tailored to your needs | Delivered by practitioner #experts!

We come to you, anywhere in the US 🇺🇸

We prioritize #people over hardware and #skills building over cramming 💥

Creating #telecom #leaders is our jam! 🚀

US Veteran Owned and Operated 🇺🇸

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