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FiberWizards: Video Podcast with special guest Kevin Peres 😎

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Join us for a casual discussion about the evolution of fiber optic testing equipment, from OTDRs with wheels 😆 to 3 second characterization handheld test sets 💥, and to hear stories of how #fiberoptics changed the lives of a teenage construction worker 🦺, a young veteran 🪖, as well as the story of a scientist 👨‍🔬 that started an industry leading fiber testing equipment company out of his garage 🚀 When leaders teach they make more leaders 🚀 When fiber techs share their stories they inspire new fiber techs 💥💥💥 Special guest Kevin Peres, Senior Applications Engineer at EXFO and Subject Matter Expert in #fiberoptic testing and characterization joins Jerry Morla, FiberWizards Director and FOA Master Instructor as podcast host. #fttx #ftth #fiberoptictraining #thefiberopticassociation #thefoa #FOA #OTDR #leadership #training #knowledgesharing

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