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Empowering Small Companies and Contractors with Fiber Optic Workforce Development 🚀

Updated: Jun 27

In just under two years, FiberWizards has excelled in delivering tailored workforce development programs to major companies in the US and abroad. Nevertheless, we are actively working on refining our strategy to better serve smaller businesses and contractors, essential players facing distinct challenges as they contribute greatly to connecting America's infrastructure! 🫶

Smaller companies in the OSP and FTTH markets need skilled workers who can handle modern #fiberoptic #technology, adapt to new #training requirements, all while working with tight budgets and limited #flexibility to send employees for training without disrupting production.

To address these challenges, we have developed a new streamlined version of the FiberWizards Essentials Program, which retains or enhances the #qualityand #learning objectives of the FOA-CFOT prep course at a much more #competitive price!💥

While we are adopting a more #focused approach to achieve lowering training prices without sacrificing quality, here are some of the areas where we're adding more #value:

➡️ FOA-Approved Certification: Our program is FOA-Approved, and recognized by the US Department of Labor certification for ensuring a properly skilled and qualified fiber optic #workforce.

➡️ Flexible Learning: We offer a blend of online theory and 2 days of on-site training for minimal disruption to work production.

➡️ Affordable Pricing: Our FOA-CFOT Prep course costs $850 per student for groups of 6+, and can be conducted at your location anywhere in the continental US.

To cater to a range of customer needs, we offer various training #options with different durations, areas of focus, and fully customized options.

The FiberWizards FOA-CFOT Prep course is recommended for the following audiences:

- New and aspiring technicians

- Mid-level techs seeking certification

- Network construction personnel

- Project managers

- Designers

- Supervisors

- Managers

- Sales personnel

- Operations support groups

- Industry leaders

We place our emphasis on creating engaging learning experiences and programs using a multidisciplinary approach and the latest educational technology to solve gaps, deliver measurable outcomes, and impact individual and organizational performance!

Contact us for best-in-class #fiberoptictraining!

Creating telecom #leaders is our jam! 🚀

FiberWizards by Knowledge on Demand LLC. is approved by The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. (FOA) to offer US Department of Labor recognized certifications.

We are US Veteran Owned and Operated 🇺🇸

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