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Safety, quality management, and training for better FTTH rollouts 🚀

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Over the last few weeks we trained 47 students (#engineers, #designers, #technicians, and #projectmanagers) for a Tier 1 Utility/Telecom company overseas. This was an interesting project where we spent weeks on-ground with the crews gathering information, using ethnographic research techniques, to provide recommendations, tailored guidelines, and #training for #network #design and #project implementation, including #safety and #quality #management.

The focus was on FTTH network deployment over existing overhead electrical distribution infrastructure ⚡️⚡️ Surely those familiar with installing #fiberoptic systems over electrical infrastructure are aware of the potential hazards and all the added safety concerns from working near energized facilities, especially when working above the communication worker safety zone.

Strict adherence to safety codes and standards, keeping minimum clearances and minimum approximation distances, working in elevated positions and fall protection, aerial lift safety, use of insulating gear, etc. are among added concerns for #fibertechnicians when working in those environments. Not to mention, the standard safety considerations related to aerial network #construction and #fiber installation 🦺🥽

Of course, #FTTH planning as well as project #qualitymanagement requires of field visits and surveys for gathering information, so we spent a good bit of time with the students in the field, for a more realistic #learning #experience than when done fully with another #deathbypowerpoint ☠️ session inside a classroom 💡

Special thanks to our customer, ground crews that assisted during field audits, all 47 FiberWizards 💪 that took part of the training program as well as to FiberWizards Jheyson Ayala and Terry Power 🙌 for the time spent gathering information in the field, as well as researching the latest updates of industry codes and #standards to develop accurate and up to date #technical documentation for guidelines and tailored training 🙌

Leaders make more #leaders ❤️‍🔥

and FiberWizards more Fiberwizards 💥

Closing the #global #digitaldivide and improving quality of #life for many around the world💡

Let's go 🚀

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